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Why is story telling so important?


Why is story telling so important in business?

Story telling in business can be the connection between you and your customer or client. It invokes emotions, feelings and a connection between the customer and your product. A good story is far more easier to retain than facts and figures!

The story you tell becomes your brands voice, the back bone of your brand. It will also communicate your purpose with your customers, rather than just focusing on what problem your product solves. This also helps to gain you leverage in the market, that is already very noisy.

So whilst this is all well and good, I can sense your next question is, but how do I write a story?

Here are some good tips to start writing your story.

Simply tell your story. Why did you start your business? What problem are you solving? How does your product add value? Create your emotive connection with your customers. People relate far more to humanised content factors.

What are your brand values and why do these relate to your customer? What your brand stands for, and the values it possesses, are the building blocks to creating those all important relationships and spreading the word of your brand. When telling your stories, always remember your brands voice. Avoid technical jargon and write in simple terms.

You will notice we haven’t said anything about selling or any call to actions, as that is not what story telling is about. It is about spreading your brands voice and message in a memorable and emotive way that creates a connection with your audience, helping to leverage your position in the market.

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