August 21

Top Social Media Tips


Sometimes social media can feel really overwhelming. There are so many different platforms to choose from and all of them have a slightly different function. Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, the main principles of running an account are the same.

In this blog, we will go through our top tips for helping to make your social media pages more visible, generate leads and gain more traction.

Before you start posting, It’s a good idea to define what the goal is you are trying to achieve from posting, learning about your audience you are targeting and then planning your content. This helps to keep your content relevant and targeted.

1) Engagement

You can create all of the posts you want, but unless you engage with your audience, people are less likely to see them. If someone comments on your post, comment back or like it. Use discover and explore options to like other peoples posts or comment on them to draw people to click on your profile. Or, if someone has liked multiple of your posts, screenshot it, add it to your story and say thank you. This lets the person know you value the time they have spent to like your posts, engages with them and gives them a shout out too. It is social media after all, so be social! You can also follow people, or join a group of people with similar interests to you, or similar businesses to see what others are doing in the market and create a network.

2) Stories

Stories are a great way of getting information to your audience quickly and engage with them. According to Hootsuite, 500 million people watch stories every day on Instagram and 50% of those have then visited a website or made a purchase after engaging with a story. This is a huge chunk of traffic and exposure you could be missing out on by not posting to stories. Some story ideas to post are to build hype around a new product, create a story of what is happening in your business today, share a new post, run a poll or ask a question, and shout out users who have liked multiple posts.

3) Consistency

Consistency is absolutely key in social media. If you post regularly and at certain times, people will know when to show up. However, being consistent isn’t just about posting regularly. It is about speaking in your brands voice consistently, being visually consistent and sharing your brands vision and message. All of these components help with brand recognition and strengthening your following. Remember, if you are struggling with content creation to keep posting, you can repurpose older content and repost it, or, make other content out of it such as videos or blogs.

4) Adaptability

If you are using multiple platforms, adaptability is essential, for example, when using Twitter, you may not post the same content as on Facebook. Reason being, is that posts on Twitter should be succinct, fast and snappy. If you were to post the same content on Facebook, you may add a little more body of text. Understanding how your content may need to change between platforms, to share your message, is important. Another way of being adaptable is by keeping up with trends that others may be posting. Or, realising which posts didn’t succeed and why and how you will adapt in the future to make them succeed.

5) Scheduling

This last one is actually one of my favourite ones. Scheduling allows me to be organised, give me more time in the week and mix up my content. Spend a couple of hours thinking about what you will be posting for the next couple of weeks. Post a mix of videos, text/image posts, and if you happen to write a blog in the meantime and decide to share it, then that is an added bonus! Scheduling your posts for a couple of weeks or so at a time, allows you to be able to put your phone down or simply engage with your audience. Scheduling helps you to look more active than you are so you can enjoy that extra hour in bed!

Well, there is our 5 top tips! I hope you have enjoyed them and will put some in to practice. If you would like some help with your social media, we offer some excellent packages on our services page. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram – @lingocopyandcontent.

Happy Posting!


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