August 29

5 reasons why your website should have a blog.


Writing blogs as a business owner can be incredibly time consuming. Valuable time that you could probably spend elsewhere. But, blogs can really help you expose your products and services, drive traffic to your website, generate more leads and get more conversions. Blogs can also provide extra content for you to share on your social media platforms and help reach wider audiences. This is where we come in to help!

Here is our 5 top reasons why your website should have a blog:

1) Drive traffic to your website

By having a blog on your website, you are regularly posting fresh content to your site. A bit like how social media works, by posting fresh content to your site regularly, you may be able to climb up the SEO rankings. This lets google know you are adding more pages to your site and is an active website. This tactic in turn, will help drive more traffic to your site and widen your audience. In addition, by having more content for your customers on your website, this helps share more information with your customers creating transparency, build trust and credibility.

2) Tell people about your brand

Having a blog on your site really helps you to get your brand out to the public. It’s the perfect way to share information about your brand, product or service. You can use it to start building authority and trust with your new customers. Especially, if you have a new product on the way! Use a blog as the building blocks for relationships with your customers and sharing your brands values, mission, information and products and services.

3) SEO Rankings

How many times have you asked google a question, and, google brings up a load of sites that may hold the answer you are looking for? 9 times out of 10, these pages are blogs or articles on peoples websites! Your websites SEO rankings can improve by having relatable and relevant content posted to it. As mentioned before, this lets google know that your site is active and is having pages added to it. Research what relevant key words are being used in your topic and use them in your blog to make your site more attractive to viewers and the search engine. You can also add links to your blog to direct people to other blogs on your site you have written, or, a link to a product or service. This helps google decipher the relevance of your blog.

4) Convert traffic in to leads

It is a well known fact that having a blog on your site generates more lead growth, than those who do not have a blog. By adding a call to action to your blog, you are more likely to convert that hard earned traffic in to leads. A call to action can be asking people to subscribe, or download something or contact you. We recommend putting a call to action at the top of the page so it is instantly visible, just in case the viewer does not read the whole of your post.

We also recommend creating a sense of urgency or scarcity around your product. This creates FOMO! Encouraging more people to enquire about your product or service, or even better, BUY!

5) Re-usable content

Just because you have written a blog, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can post a link to your blog on social media or in different groups. You can also post snippets of your blog with a link where people can read more. Post links to your blog in as many relevant places as possible. You could even keep expanding on your blog and then publish it as an e-book! The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to share your blog again from time to time.

There you have it. There are our 5 reasons why you need a blog on your site! Check out our website to see how we can help you write your blog. You can also book a FREE 20 minute discovery call with us to see how we can get you going.

Happy blogging!

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